This is a special cross-over project with Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam, a prominent and award-winning Hong Kong artist.  Dr. Lam is also the founder and chairman of the Hong Kong-based World Eye Organization. 50% of the selling will go to the charity benefitting the World Eye Organization.

About Dr. Dominic Man Kit Lam

Dr. Lam was born in Swatow and grew up in Hong Kong. He obtained his bachelor, master and doctorate by age 22, studied under two Nobel Laureates (Prof. T. Wiesel and D. Hubel)  at Harvard Medical School before joining the Harvard Faculty and Subsequently became Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Center for Biotechnology in Houston.

World Eye Organization

World Eye Organization is a charitable organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases through education, training, research and the establishment of ophthalmic centers, initially in China and subsequently in other parts of the world.


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