Professor Dominic Man-Kit Lam

a world renowned scientist as well as an outstanding Chinese artist is an exemplary living example of demonstrating outstanding performance in two markedly different, yet intertwining disciplines. His easily training in Chinese literature, painting and calligraphy gives him inner strength and intellectual power that sparks his artistic creative search in parallel with his career as a scientist.

Dora Chu

Comes from the lineage of atelier artists, who believe in the importance of true craftsmanship and quality. A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, Dora studied fashion in women’s wear Fascinated with the portrayal of feminism, she draws inspirations from the female shape and utilizes both traditional and modern techniques to redefine the meaning of elegant ladies wear.

With respectful consensus from Professor Lam, the young and talented designer introduced a new collection “DOMI & DORA”, embracing the essence of Lam’s hands Chromoskedasic Painting into fabric. Lam’s Eye on Universe are dense patterns of negative white spotting of different sizes like the pattern of crystals in granite, set against a background color that may range from steel gray to orange, pink, yellow or gold. It allows the audience to view the universe through light scattering. Relying on her professionalism, Dora transfuse the Eye and universe into various fashion, from appeal to details to capture originality of  the masterpieces.