The Party Beauty Plan: How to PREP For the Main event

Pre-soiree, the objective is maximum luminosity. If you have a day beforehand, book a noninvasive in-office treatment, which can boost brightness and smooth without side effects. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), when administered at a low setting, "temporarily shrinks pores," which makes skin more lustrous, says L.A. dermatologist Jessica Wu, MD. Alternatively, try a gentle exfoliating peel, such as the in-demand Radiance Peel from New York derm Patricia Wexler, MD. The low-concentration trichloroacetic acid blend "tightens, closes pores, and gets rid of imperfections," Wexler says. "You look better immediately, but the peak effect is the day after."
To make skin look "superdewy" on the day of a party, New York derm Kavita Mariwalla, MD, recommends the easily tolerated HydraFacial—a four-step system involving the application of a cell-sloughing serum; exfoliation with salicylic and glycolic acids; pore-clearing via vacuumlike suction; and an infusion of peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants.
For a last-minute radiance lift, seek out a no-downtime procedure like the new Oxylight, a one-hour skin-beautifying mega-session that New York derm Dendy Engelman, MD, says is now trending among the social set. Oxylight combines delicate diamond microdermabrasion with a circulation-enhancing oxygen infusion, ultrasound to stimulate collagen, microcurrents to temporarily firm facial muscles, and a roller-ball massage to aid lymphatic drainage. "You look better the second you're done," Engelman says. "But results last up to three weeks."
Source: Elle

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