4 Ways Danish Street Style Star Pernille Teisbaek Layers Up for the Cold

The street style scene gets bigger and bigger each season, and yet there are only a few girls we truly look forward to seeing. One of them is Danish blogger Pernille Teisbaek, who has a knack for mixing high-street favorites like Ganni and H&M with the latest Céline and Altuzarra—as well as a singular talent for layering. In fact, some of her best fall and winter outfits are comprised of classic pieces like jeans, sweaters, and great boots, worn in artful ways. This season, we asked Teisbaek to decode her signature style and deliver tips on four essential types of layering: monochromatic, textural, evening, and colorful. “It can be difficult to layer without looking like a Michelin Man,” she admits. “Coming from Scandinavia, it’s pretty natural to think in layers, and it’s quite crucial during winter.” From sparkly turtlenecks to the most foolproof jacket, here’s how Teisback bundles up for the cooler weather ahead.

1. Monochromatic
One of my favorite ways to work with layering is the monochromatic look—like 50 shades of gray! It’s basically about working with one main color, then going nuts with different fabrics and shapes. One of the staples you need for this trend is a thin wool turtleneck, which can be worn underneath everything from a simple shirt, strappy dresses, or a V-neck knit. The secret is to always keep either the upper or lower part of your outfit more fitted for balance. A long coat or cardigan creates a slim, vertical line for a more narrow silhouette.

2. Textural
Once you’ve gotten the hang of mixing your layers, start playing with different textures like leather, cotton, denim, and wool—it creates a more playful and personal look. Here I started out by wearing a basic white turtleneck, then added a zip-up jacket and a wool cropped cardigan, which lent a bit of elegant contrast to the sporty jacket. I combined this with some sleek texture: a pair of leather culottes and boots.

3. Late-Night
Going out on what could turn into a frosty night often entails a wardrobe crisis, since you probably just want to wear a big, warm knit. The layered look might not seem like one of the sexiest trends, so go for feminine materials like sequins, lace, or silk. Starting from the bottom, a pair of killer heels and silver socks is a great way to wear your open sandals all winter. I went for high-waisted “mom jeans” combined with a sequined turtleneck, then toned it all down with a wool vest. It’s a little granny, but so comfortable!

  1. Colorful
    Mixing different hues and prints can be difficult—you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. My trick is to match the colors in the prints and accessories. It doesn’t need to be bright, but it makes the look more balanced. Here, I played with the red stripes on the blazer and turtleneck, plus the red rain jacket and heels. Stripes are the consistent print motif, and it’s fun to mix vertical and horizontal lines. One more tip is to use a raincoat underneath your blazer or thin coats—it works perfectly as a windbreaker, plus it always comes in handy if it actually does start to rain.

Source: Vogue


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